Occasionally we rent SPACE for nonprofit networking events, corporate parties, or for other private events. We do NOT generally rent SPACE for booking of public events -- i.e., you can't pay to have your band play here, run your own film festival, or finally produce that play you've been working on for a few years.

For those public events that resemble the rest of our arts+ideas programming, we will determine whether your program fits our mission, vision and interests, and we may choose to work with you as a presenting partner rather than forming a rental relationship. For public event partnership inquiries, please read our booking guidelines here.

A note on our facilities and capacity:

  • For standing room only, our capacity is 300 people in our main room
  • For audience seating oriented towards the stage, our capacity is 130
  • For seats at tables (as if for dining or working), our capacity is around 50
  • We have our own PA system, projector, screen, and use our own staff for tech work.
  • We comply with all laws regarding the provision and sale of alcohol, and all procurements and sales happen through our bar system. We do not split bar sales with our renters or partners.

Please fill out the inquiry form (below) so that we can determine our availability and a price. Please don't call and ask us how much we'll charge before we know what you are trying to do and what's required of us. Please look at our schedule of events to see if we already have plans on the date you're looking to book.

Rates will depend on what's required for time, equipment and staff. We offer discounts to nonprofit organizations, but as we are nonprofit ourselves we are not able to donate use of our room for your events. Thanks for your understanding.

SPACE is a nonprofit organization that supports contemporary arts projects, champions artists, and encourages an open exchange of ideas.

Gallery hours:
W - F 10a - 6p | Sat 12 - 4p

Main Space: doors open 30 minutes before an event. 

538 Congress St.
Portland, ME 04101



August 6, 2019
I spoke with Howard Fonda on Friday, August 2nd, the morning his exhibition Carry Me