IIIX9MEOW is an installation by NYC based artist Brent Birnbaum. Brent sought out Maine artists to loan him small sculptures, which finished his pieces titled "My Adidas," a series of handmade pedestals with Adidas stripes. The installation can be considered a collaboration between these artists and Brent. Offset by the vibrant changes in floor and wall color, the work questions authorship and leaves the viewer wondering what the scope of Brent’s involvement was in the creation, selection and displaying of the work.

Brent grew up in Dallas, Texas and currently lives out of a suitcase. His most recent permanent residence was in Rockaway Beach, New York – the state he’s called home for the last 9 years. Most people are more surprised he is not on Facebook than learning his cousin invented the Bedazzler. Mr. Birnbaum makes and arranges objects and does performances. Endurance, interior design, absurdity, the role of the viewer, pop culture, and collecting are common threads in his expansive work. Brent has appeared on VH1 as their You Oughta Know Artist and was interviewed on New York’s public radio about his Vanilla Ice Museum. He is coming to SPACE in the middle of a 2 month long performance and 9 room installation at Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain - where his first catalog is being published. Following SPACE, Brent has a performance premiering at Abrons Arts Center in New York on December 6th.


November 8, 2013
December 21, 2013
SPACE Gallery
538 Congress Street
Portland, ME 04101
United States

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