Weedeater with Black Wizard, Serial Hawk, and Sylvia


Weedeater with Black Wizard, Serial Hawk, and Sylvia

The infamous outlaws of sludge metal make their Portland debut

For 20 years, Weedeater has soldiered on with a sound and presence like no other band in the world. Across five LPs (three produced by the legendary Steve Albini) for Season of Mist, Southern Lord, and others, their unfiltered and unrefined energy bursts at the seams. From the shores of Cape Fear, North Carolina, the trio fuses devil-may-care southern-rock attitude with thick drones, pummeling doom, belligerent thrash, and unadulterated sludge. Syrupy slow riffs are buoyed by canyon-deep bass and the sort of beat-em-to-a-bloody-pulp drumming that leaves sticks a splintered mess by the end of every song. The sound is gigantic. The experience is visceral. It's pure, unrelenting, and uncompromising. It's real, it's raw, and it feels so good. 

Weedeater will be joined by Canadian heavy metal 4-piece Black Wizard, Seattle sludge outfit Serial Hawk, and Maine metal heroes, Sylvia.  

June 16, 2017
8:30 PM
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June 19, 2017
Editor's note: Daniel Kayamba is one of our Bob Crewe Foundation interns this summer. He's a filmmaker, core member of Kesho Wazo, and will be attending Columbia College in Chicago this fall.