Snowhaus, Wedding Camp, Burr, Amiright?


Snowhaus, Wedding Camp, Burr, Amiright?

Western Mass 'shred pop' 4-piece Snowhaus return to SPACE, with heaping servings of posi-punk spirit, math-rock guitarisms, and high-octane dance-core vibes. Wedding Camp are the Maine and New Hampshire-based trio of Rachel Ponce, Kate Sullivan-Jones (The Outfits, The English Muffins, last Halloween's incredible Bikini Kill band), and Chris Gervais (Cool Tara, KGFreeze), whose punchy, lo-fi punk jams are as explosive as they are danceable. Burr are Portland's resident purveyors of crushing noise-pop and titanic shoegaze, back after a quiet spell and louder than ever. Amiright?, the brainchild of cousins Quinn and Noah Farwell, bring their brand of earnest lo-fi rock straight out of the bedroom and onto the SPACE stage. 

Poster by Geneviève Paradis.

June 24, 2017
8:30 PM

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