Love Stories

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Love Stories

Valentine's Day, the holiday that we wish we could quietly destroy but has grown too large for its sudden disappearance to go unnoticed. We should have done it when it was young and we could've caught it if it tried to run.  Whether you're more of a"every love story is a ghost story." kind of person while your date repeats"all stories are love stories" at least once a week (like it's his original observation, what a dufus) you'll both win (or both lose depending on how your date goes) by ringing in V-Day by enjoying a hot beverage and listening to 6 writers, each reading their (broadly defined) interpretations of a "love story."

Featuring: Nat Baldwin, Niles Baldwin, Meghan Gilliss, Catie Hannigan, Douglas W. Milliken and meg willing 

*Part of SPACE Gallery's Trail Off Project



February 14, 2016
7:00 PM

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