In a time where the world is looking for light—this Portland-based arts collective shines brightly on the ideas of young artists within and outside of the city. 

Join Kesho Wazo as they bring a new sense of urban youth culture to the city of Portland—showcasing their vibrant talents through performance art, fashion design— including a pop-up shop—short films and the release of their “Idea Chart,” which will outline future plans and events for Kesho Wazo. 

The event is slated to feature a heavy wave of new sound from local musicians—including Zaya, Julian Abbott, Griot, and Emma Ivy. Music during the runway show will be hosted by producers Shadia & Charle (Leap), DJ Freeit and DJ Soren. Filmmakers Henry Spritz and Erin Murphy will showcase their short films during the event—one of which includes, an exclusive trailer for the Kesho Wazo documentary. The group will also hold a silent auction with collaborative pieces by David Thete, Mahalia Judge, and Candice Gosta. 

Kesho Wazo, or “tomorrow's ideas” in Swahili, is an up and coming youth art collective. The group was created as an outlet for young people to express themselves through art, music, fashion, and social advocacy. It is composed of 15 energetic members, who share high ambitions to break boundaries and positively impact history. 

Kesho Wazo is currently seeking sponsors for the event. Any and all support that is received will go towards creating an exceptional and unique Kesho Wazo experience for the artistic talents and aspirations of Portland youth. Please contact David Thete, or, to learn more about partner and sponsorship opportunities.

April 22, 2017
8:00 PM
SPACE Gallery
538 Congress St.
Portland, ME 04101

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