JOBS, Wizard Party, Stice, and Beige


JOBS, Wizard Party, Stice, and Beige

Blasts of industrial noise, unstoppable grooves, unrelenting virtuosity, and bent pop sensibilities

Hailing from the ever-higher-rising metropolis that is New York City, the virtuosic four-piece JOBS graces Portland in support of their new record Log On For The Free Chance To Log On For Free. The energy that is bottled and distilled in this record is multitudinous, with moments of tensile contemplation leading to teary-eyed euphoria, irreverent humor morphing into inchoate rage, all-out metallic assaults paired with spacious group meditations, and all guided by a spirit of joyful experimentalism. The sound that Dave Scanlon, Rob Lundberg (In One Wind, Leverage Models), Max Jaffe (Rubblebucket, Chrome Sparks, Delicate Steve), and Jessica Pavone (Tyondai Braxton, Glenn Branca, Mary Halvorson) create together is powerful and singular. 

Wizard Party is borderline baroque-and-roll, swamp music, or frogressive rock, hailing from Portland 1.0. New magic channeled from the dissolution of Kefka, featuring members of An Anderson, Perfect Hair, Family Planning, $300, Pamola, Red Medicine, The Waldos, and many more. 

Stice is a collaboration between vocalist/visual artist Caroline "Babby" Bennett (Salt People) and producer/bassist Jake "Jark" Lichter (Lunch Cult). Jark samples contemporary classical music and makes it heavy and then Babby sings. 

Beige is the improvised music project of Liam Kramer-White (originally from South Portland) and Stella Silbert. 

August 25, 2018
8:30 PM


August 21, 2018
On Saturday the 25th of August, 2018, the New York City-based dystopian pop band JOBS will return to Portland bearing the gift of new music, in the form of their new record Log On For The Free Chance To Log On For Free, and new member (!) Jessica Pavone on viola. JOBS is a band that plays with ferocious intensity and precision, weaving many disparate styles into their long-form compositions, while mantaining a bodily kineticism that resonates far beyond usual experimental m