Indigo Arts Alliance Presents - Black, Brown + Indigo (Opening Night)

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Indigo Arts Alliance Presents - Black, Brown + Indigo (Opening Night)

A film series showcasing the contemporary African and African-American experience

Indigo Arts Alliance in partnership with SPACE is bringing the power of Black storytelling to Maine, May 3rd - 5th, 2019. Black, Brown + Indigo is a series of films that each provide a glimpse into African and African-American life across the globe.

A mix of narrative and documentary features and shorts, the films highlight the diversity and complexity of Black lives across the Diaspora. The series seeks to bring Portland-area audiences together across communities to enjoy film and engage in meaningful dialogue, using cinema as a means to deepen their knowledge and understanding of African, Caribbean, South American and African-American culture. 

See for the full listing of Black, Brown + Indigo screenings


Opening Night Program

Celebrate Indigo Arts Alliance and their inaugural film series, Black, Brown + Indigo during their opening night party at 60 Cove Street, Portland, ME. Also, stop by SPACE to see an all-ages shorts preview of the film series playing on-loop. 


Black, Brown + Indigo Film Loop
This all-ages shorts program offers something for everyone. 


Birth of Afrobeat 
Dir. Opiyo Okeyo | 7 min | 2017 | Nigeria 
In this hybrid live-action/animated film, Nigerian drummer Tony Allen recounts how he and his partner, late music legend, Fela Kuti, created the Afrobeat genre in Lagos, Nigeria. 


Dir.  Michael Fequiere | 12 min | 2016 | USA
A short profile piece on child prodigy jazz drummer Kojo Odu Roney.


Mosquito: The Bite of Passage 
Dir. Brian Vincent Rhodes  | 7 min | 2016 | USA
A mosquito on her first hunting trip with her mother tries to confess that she doesn’t like blood.


Rebirth is Necessary
Dir. Jenn Nkiru | 11 min | 2017 | UK
Exploring the magic and dynamism of Blackness, the now, the past and the future are rethought and reordered to create something soulful and mind-bendingly visceral, featuring music and sounds from James Baldwin, Sun Ra, Chance The Rapper, and others.


May 3, 2019
4:00 PM to 7:00 PM
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Presented by Indigo Arts Alliance in partnership with SPACE, funding provided in part by the Maine Humanities Council. 


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