Ian Svenonius as ESCAPE-iSM


Ian Svenonius as ESCAPE-iSM

with Shelley Salant of Tyvek and Greef

Ian Svenonius is the man behind Chain & the GangThe Make-UpWeird WarCupid Car Club, and Nation of Ulysses. To many, he's the frontman of some of the best and baddest bands the last few decades have known, releasing more than two dozen albums for K Records, Drag City, Dischord, and others. To us, he's a truly revered pontificator, philosopher, author, bard, sage, and punk-rock maestro. He's a underground legend and a master of his craft. That's why we've let him climb our stage not just to lead a rock & roll maelstrom, but also to wax poetic, lead an actual seance with dead rock stars, spin records, and more. 

Svenonius makes his overdue return to SPACE as ESCAPE-iSM, the Anti-Everything Group on a rare solo tour. He'll be joined by Detroit/Ann-Arbor-scene luminary Shelley Salant (of Swimsuit, Tyvek, SLGTM), and Portland maestro of warbing tapes and busted guitars, Greef


December 8, 2016
8:30 PM

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