Hermigervill and Berndsen with Bright Boy


Hermigervill and Berndsen with Bright Boy

Icelandic dance music gurus descend on SPACE!

From the land of fire and ice, the great northern utopia of Iceland, come guiding lights of electronic pop and dance music, Hermigervill and Berndsen. Armed with bass heavy beats, a battery of synths, crooning vocals, ample 80's nostalgia, two epic beards, and a whole lot of theremin, this pair transforms rooms across the world into high-octane, frenzied dance-parties like none you've ever experienced.

Hermigervill stole the show at the sold-out Reykjavik Calling show here four years ago and we've been patiently waiting for his return ever since. Do not miss this one!

Portland's resident of star-gazing electro, funk, and soul Bright Boy​ opens the evening. 

December 16, 2017
8:30 PM
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