An Evening with Spose


An Evening with Spose

Maine's best-selling hip-hop artist with special guests and surprises galore!

We're honored to play host to this rare, intimate hometown Spose show. Expect surprises... 

In April 2017, Maine rapper Spose unveiled “the world’s first-ever album to be released inside of a video game” (Downeast Magazine). The album Good Luck With Your Life was released May 5, but fans (and non-fans) could hear the album prior to the release locked inside his mobile gaming app “Spose: King of Maine” (out now through Apple Apps and Google Play). The app prompted to deem Spose “The King of Maine, the king of marketing.” The article credited Spose with finding a way to “Convert a Twitter Follower to a Fan in 10 Minutes.” 

The mobile game “Spose: King of Maine” hit the #2 best selling music app in the United States in the Apple App Store. The app is the first of its kind, as it allowed users to unlock and listen to Spose’s new album in a Mario-style game, where they play as Spose fighting through his home state of Maine. Along their way through the counties, players can unlock the songs and fight seagulls, rednecks, and the governor himself on their quest to become “The King of Maine."

Spose first rose to popularity in 2010 with his RIAA-certified gold-selling hit single “I’m Awesome” (Republic Records). The song has sold over 900,000 copies to date and the video has over 13 million views. “I’m Awesome” is also the theme song for award-winning Canadian sitcom “Mr. D” (CBC), now going on its seventh season. In 2011, with his newfound start-up capital, Spose quickly became an entrepreneur. He created his own record label Preposterously Dank Entertainment and has since released over 30 albums, including 11 of his own.  

July 21, 2018
9:00 PM