Debtors Ball

Community event

Debtors Ball

A Rolling Jubilee Benefit


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In the last few months, a new idea has emerged around the fraught issue of debt in contemporary society. Rolling Jubilee is a Strike Debt project that buys anonymous, bundled debt for pennies on the dollar, but instead of collecting it, abolishes it. It's been called a form of crowdsourced debt forgiveness, a bailout of the people by the people. The group's initial focus is specifically on medical debt, and each dollar raised is able to cancel out $20 worth of debt. Highlighting predatory, yet legal practices and seeking to disrupt this cycle through a campaign of generosity that will have real impact, Rolling Jubilee feels of the moment in the best way. Our Debtors Ball will be a full evening of activities where the entirety of ticket sales and donations will go directly to this operation. With performances by a new configuration of the heavy minimalists AWAAS  and Aleric Nez's full band Last Sip, as well as night's end dance party courtesy of DJ Heidi Powell.  

Doors at 7:30.  Music at 9:00.


January 11, 2013
7:30 PM
SPACE Gallery
538 Congress Street
Portland, ME 04101