The Dance Cartel with DJ Che Ros


The Dance Cartel with DJ Che Ros

A new experiment in modular dance-party-arty

One of our favorite shows in the world returns! The Dance Cartel have sold out SPACE every time they've come through. We highly recommend you grab your tickets ASAP.

THE DANCE CARTEL is after a new brand of dance experience. Taking note of a dance community that often serves a niche audience, the Cartel creates dances that are VIBRANT, IMMERSIVE and PARTICIPATORY. Without sacrificing technical rigor or artistic ambition as a dance company, we endeavor to employ the social nature of dance, the charge of a party, and the sharpness of a music video to a fresh dance vocabulary that anyone can get down with.

Over the past few years, The Dance Cartel has fine-tuned their all-inclusive 'shake-it-like-you've-got-it' philosophy and high-octane choreography in monthly shows at the Ace Hotel in NYC. As the audiences have grown, they've appeared on Late Late Show, Conan and in videos with Yoko Ono and Reggie Watts. For their return to Portland, they'll be collaborating with one of Portland's finest, DJ Che Ros.

​TDC photo credit: Maddy Talias.

Live at SPACE: 

March 30, 2018
9:00 PM

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