Cuse Me, KGFREEZE, Buddusky, 4-Star China Taste


Cuse Me, KGFREEZE, Buddusky, 4-Star China Taste

Uncompromising rock, punk, doom, and otherwise unclassifiable sounds

Celebrate the debut album by Portland's shape-shifting collective Cuse Me on AYKM? Tapes, with this exemplary collection of local noise-makers. 

Cuse Me is not a band, or a side project, but an entity, in and of itself. Consisting of a revolving-door, open-admission outfit, featuring members of Mouth Washington, An Anderson, $300, and other local luminaries, the group describes up their unrelenting sonic identity with this quote: "A wire figures the conscience behind the converter. His embedded intelligence references the sympathy. The cupboard trips the retiring idiot inside the crack. The tiny song ducks. Cuse Me staggers the fairy against the wrong skin."

KGFREEZE is the ever-evolving brainchild of Kyle Gervais, including brother Chris (Cool Tara/Wedding Camp), Nate Carll (Cosades) and Jason Engler in its current iteration. Gone are the mutant-funk and genre-hopping pop of previous line-ups, now a total punk rock assault, a band that promises to serve "two pies, piping hot."

Buddusky return  to our stage fresh off the release of a superb new EP, with their inimitable heart-wrenching twang-punk.  

4-Star China Taste is a new duo featuring indescribaly brilliant, genre-defying songstress Sigrid Harmon (The Asthmatic) and burgeoning punk polymath Thomas Shadis (The Doug Quaids). 

July 28, 2017
8:30 PM

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