Colby Nathan, Caethua, and Tom Kovacevic


Colby Nathan, Caethua, and Tom Kovacevic

A three-generational bill of Maine-bred outsider music

Representing a three-generational and sonic cross-section of Maine-based outsider folk music, the lineup of Colby Nathan, Caethua, and Tom Kovacevic is destined to be one of the most unique triple bills of 2016.  Tom Kovacevic is the oud-playing Arabic-music cognoscente, whose dream-like dirges are crafted with an expressive subtlety that is rare to find. His 2014 debut on Immune Recordings (recorded by Big Blood’s Caleb Mulkerin) is one of the most essential and enigmatic records to come out of the state of Maine in the last decade. Caethua is the moniker of the ever-mysterious goat-farmer and true woods-dwelling enchantress, Clare Hubbard. After a string of immaculate records on Turned Word, Bathetic Records, and others, her work has become the standard-bearer for ethereal, mystic folk. Colby Nathan's performances are a grab-bag of uncommon possibilities, with a free-wheeling spontaneity spilling across noisy loops, introverted sing-song, suitcases of toys, and the occasional costume change. He's a welcome addition in a world always in need of more honesty, a good jostling, or a healthy dose of pure eccentricity. 

February 13, 2016
8:30 PM

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