Ancient Ocean scores the short films of John Whitney


Ancient Ocean scores the short films of John Whitney

with Herbcraft, Sterile Garden, and a DJ set by Sweetleaf & Herb

Brooklyn based soundscape artist Ancient Ocean (J.R. Bohannon) presents his improvised scores to the legendary short films of experimental filmmaker and father of computer animation, John Whitney. In the 1950's, Whitney built a mechanical analogue computer out of a WWII anti-aircraft gun to create motion-picture special effects that are still a high-water mark for experimental film. Herbcraft is the acclaimed psychedelic project of Matt Lajoie, whose recent records on the Woodsist label and shambolic live performances have cemented him as one of Maine’s most intriguing artists. Sterile Garden is the ever-morphing outlet of tape-manipulator Jacob DeRaadt, who elegantly merges the viscerality of industrial and noise with the meditative quality of ambient music and the playful documentation of musique-concrete. The evening will culminate with a high-octane DJ set of cosmic soul from Sweetleaf and Herb

January 29, 2016
8:30 PM

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