1UP: A Night of Beat/Culture


1UP: A Night of Beat/Culture

with milo, Altered Gee, Don Damiani and Turquoise Crown

"1UP: A Night of Beat/Culture," is a series showcasing live producer culture from area code 207 and beyond, hosted by BRZOWSKI and God.Damn.Chan. ​The inaugural event will feature performances from young upstart Turquoise Crown, the maiden beat forays of established Portland dj Don Damiani, the post-rave visuals of The Psychologist, and the heady digital-dirt button-mashings of Altered Gee. Special guest headliner, the Saco-born, LA-based MC milo makes his debut Portland appearance.

Born to parents younger than he is now, 22 year-old "milo" was given the government-name of Rory Ferreira and grew up in Saco, Maine. He has since relocated to LA and joined up with the collective Hellfyre Club. His delivery is a rhythmic style of spoken word, and he references writers and philosophers as much as he does '90s Nickelodeon shows and WWF wrestlers. Milo's music is honest and open, unpretentious and approachable. Though he'll namedrop Bertrand Russell, he's not trying to make you feel dumb, just suggesting you might like the guy's writing. In any case, it's not music for the passive listener.

September 12, 2014
8:30 PM
SPACE Gallery
538 Congress Street
Portland, ME 04101

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