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11.9.2009 By kris johnsen
Arms and Sleepers, who have made a few visits to SPACE, are coming back on Saturday, November 21st with El Ten Eleven and ATOMIK. This show marks Arms and Sleepers official Maine CD Release for their new album Matador. Check out this interview with the boys at The Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, MA. Video of GINYTa2Cbic Video of LucQTHULdBs Video of cN7t0wWqgj8
1.30.2009 By Ian
"Arms and Sleepers' music is about evoking stories from the subtle disintegration and regenerations of life, capturing fleeting moments when humanity reaches a crescendo but there's no one there to witness it." -Eugene Weekly (OR) Never been to Eugene, Oregon, but they sure review music with big words over there. HAVE been to Cambridge, Massachusetts, though. That's where Arms and Sleepers are... MORE