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1.28.2009 By Bryan
What better to do on this snowy Wednesday than look back at the incredible Dead Of Winter show we had on Saturday (January 24, 2005)? Josh Loring hosted an assortment of Portland's best musical talent as they each played a few songs. Jon Donnell snapped some incredible images of the performers. I highly recommend hitting that little full-screen button on the bottom right and viewing them in all... MORE
12.15.2008 By Bryan
Everybody's favorite compassionate alien, the Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne, has a live (from MARS!) Christmas video card for all of us. Come see Wayne and the rest of the Lips interpret the holiday at SPACE on Tuesday, December 23rd, at our screening of Christmas on Mars, the holiday film for the rest of us.
10.23.2008 By Jon
Remember that Matt & Kim show last month? Yeah, that was awesome. Maybe they'll come back . . . if you ask them. Meanwhile, here's the new video for "Daylight" from their forthcoming album Grand: Video of WgBeu3FVi60