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6.27.2012 By adam
This Friday (29th) SPACE will be hosting Hess Is More. Hess is more is the brainchild of Danish multi-instrumentalist and producer Mikkel Hess.  Hess combines elements of jazz, electronica, Scandinavian folk, soundtrack music and classic pop, and has been compared to Can, Jon Brion, and Kings of Convenience's Erlend Oye.  Mikkel Hess breaks down dance music and uses the parts to re-build his own... MORE
4.19.2012 By nat
Our faithful correspondent Alex Steed sent us this post: The Perennial Plate is coming to Portland and my excitement is boundless. As it is described on its website: "The Perennial Plate is an online weekly documentary series dedicated to socially responsible and adventurous eating. The episodes follow the culinary, agricultural and hunting explorations of chef and activist, Daniel Klein." I... MORE
4.22.2011 By Bryan
Killer Joe director Sean Mewshaw put together this excellent time lapse video to give us all a look at how he (and the whole cast and crew) transforms the set from a tidy box up against a wall of the gallery to a highly detailed (and quite convincing) set. You have just a few more chances to come out and see this production if you still haven't!