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4.30.2010 By kris johnsen
Video of WJli9bjv2YI Video of Jmrpps7CsAc More videos after the jump! Video of O6h95jpWgVs
2.10.2010 By Bryan
On February 1 we held two shows at SPACE. The first, an earlier, suggested-donation event with bands on the floor included Planets Around The Sun, Peace, Loving, Theodore Treehouse, and Prince Rama Of Ayodhya. The later show - for which much of the earlier crowd returned - was guitar virtuoso James Blackshaw and folk songwriter Gary Higgins (highly recommended for fans of SPACE-favorite Lewis... MORE
8.11.2009 By Bryan
As you may have heard, August marks the first year of Portland music/art/fun blog and showlist's existence. To celebrate, every Wednesday this month the HillyTown OFFStage @ SPACE concert series is bringing a free, all ages show to SPACE. Each show starts at 7pm and includes three acts playing on the floor of the gallery. Last week kicked things off with Haru Bangs, Theodore... MORE