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8.23.2009 By kris johnsen
This edition of the SPACE Gallery Poster Series is for Beverly Massachusetts' Caspain, Portland's own The Baltic Sea & Irepress from Boston, Who are all playing at SPACE Gallery on Thursday, August 27th at 7pm, it's an all ages show and is only $5! Poster design by Kris Johnsen at Emblem Studio. Also if you have not yet downloaded Caspian's new album Tertia, I suggest you do! The whole album... MORE
8.7.2009 By kris johnsen
Click here for FREE download of CASPIAN's new full length, Tertia. Caspian have been hard at work on their new full length album, Tertia, and are giving the whole thing away for free! through A new website which lets bands make their own music profiles and be able to have all of their music available for free download and still get paid through ad revenue. Sounds pretty cool... MORE
1.30.2009 By Ian
"Arms and Sleepers' music is about evoking stories from the subtle disintegration and regenerations of life, capturing fleeting moments when humanity reaches a crescendo but there's no one there to witness it." -Eugene Weekly (OR) Never been to Eugene, Oregon, but they sure review music with big words over there. HAVE been to Cambridge, Massachusetts, though. That's where Arms and Sleepers are... MORE