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7.10.2012 By jenny
We are excited to welcome San Diego native and current MFA candidate in the Cranbrook sculpture department, Lindsay Preston Zappas. Lindsay will be installing Sunny Side Up, an expansion of her current work which explores themes of suburban identity, employing techniques of photography and sculpture using materials such as pegboard, rubber chickens, contact paper and yarn. Sunny Side Up runs in... MORE
5.16.2012 By jenny
Call for submissions: SPACE Gallery's storefront window SPACE Gallery is seeking proposals for visual installations that respond to the 538 storefront window exhibition space. We are most interested in new work that hasn't been shown before, especially proposals that consider the three dimensionality of the space and it's placement in a busy part of Portland's arts district with a lot of... MORE
5.11.2012 By jenny
Check out our bike month window! A late 1880's Ordinary and a 1889 Hard Tire Safety, courtesy of Steve Parker. Lookin' good!