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2.27.2009 By Bryan
Download the MP3: Phantom Buffalo - "Journey To The Castle Of The Racing Wind (Live)" While we kicked off the Live at SPACE MP3 series with a bang with an (inter)national act, it definitely makes sense to follow it up with one of our own great Portland bands. Phantom Buffalo have survived enough changes in names, members, and the local club scene to make anyone's head spin, but their psychedelic... MORE
12.15.2008 By Bryan
From the Tuesday, December 9th show at SPACE: Spinto Band Phantom Buffalo Oxford Collapse Check out the full photo gallery from this show here.
7.22.2008 By Bryan
If you're at all familiar with the music scene here in Portland, then you know Phantom Buffalo. You've probably known them since they were the Ponys, and chances are you've spent quite a bit of time with their previous record, Shishimumu. On Saturday evening, the band assembled with friends Honey Clouds and Metal Feathers (both of whom played spectacular energetic sets) at SPACE to celebrate the... MORE