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2.16.2012 By jenny
Tonight SPACE hosts one of our favorite events, Pecha Kucha, a.k.a peh-chak-cha. We love the format for Pecha Kucha, which brings together designers of all kind to present their work to the public in the form of 20 slides x 20 seconds. Here's a list of tonight's presenters: Greg Marley // Mushroom Appreciation // Greg describes himself as a mushroom forager, medicinal mushroom expert, teacher,... MORE
3.3.2010 By Bryan
For something with a name that causes so much confusion, Pecha Kucha certainly is an overwhelmingly popular event. Basically, it's an international event at which designers and creators of all sorts come together to share their work (20 slides, 20 seconds each) with an audience. The Portland event has a site here where you can find out about their upcoming events and view photos and videos from... MORE
10.18.2009 By Bryan
Ok, so what exactly is this "Pecha Kucha" thing? The word itself is Japanese for the sound of conversation, and the event is an opportunity for artists to briefly share their work with an audience, showing 20 images for 20 seconds each. The Portland events typically happen every few months here at SPACE. This event's guests included (our own event coordinator) Ian Paige + Joshua Loring, John Swan... MORE