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9.30.2009 By Jon
For everyone who came out last Thursday and voted for the Manhattan Short Film Festival, the festival winner has been announced, press release follows (if you're curious, the SPACE audience winner was the UK submission "Hammerhead" by a wide margin). FRENCH FILM SKHIZEIN WINS MANHATTAN SHORT FILM FESTIVAL 2009. Reported from Manhattan Short at Collective Hardware in New York City September 29,... MORE
9.29.2008 By Jon
Thanks to the audience that came out to cast their vote for their favorite film at the Manhattan Short Film Festival at SPACE on Saturday night. And the winner is . . . NEW BOY by Steph Green, Ireland This echoes the selection of SPACE voters who also picked New Boy as their favorite by a wide margin. Other awards were also given for Best Animation, Best Editing and Best Screenplay. Look for... MORE