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2.13.2013 By adam
photo by Clint Garboden On March 2nd Lady Lamb the Beekeeper will be having her record release party at SPACE.  Yesterday Lady Lamb was interviewed on WNYC's Soundcheck, and along with the interview, Soundcheck has posted Lady Lamb's new record Ripely Pine (the whole thing!) for your previewing pleasure.  So go listen to it!   With Lady Lamb's energetic, intimate and dreamy live performance (... MORE
12.28.2009 By Bryan
Nick Poulin and Krister Rollins have got a pretty great thing going on with their local music documentary video project, [dog] and [pony] show. They recently celebrated the release of their first season of episodes on DVD with a huge party at SPACE, featuring artists they've done pieces on, including some first-time collaborations. Jacob Augustine headlined the show that also included Marie... MORE
11.25.2009 By Bryan
The Mumlers, photo by Bryan Bruchman It's been a very busy month at SPACE Gallery, and whether you've been around for all of our exciting events or just heard about them, this is your chance to relive them all in one great big post. Thanks so much to our volunteer photographers, Jon Donnell and Dennis Stein, who have been helping to document these concerts, readings, talks, and parties. Enjoy... MORE