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4.17.2010 By Bryan
It's time to get bombarded with photos from some of our recent events, once again! It's been an exciting couple of months of parties, concerts, and art events, with a lot more to come. Acadia Sessions [April 1, 2010] - Dark Hollow Bottling Co., Olas and Peepshow (photos by Jon Donnell) First Friday: Shoot Your Face Off [April 2, 2010] (photos by Jon Donnell) SPOUSE with The Grownup Noise and... MORE
3.15.2010 By Bryan
Every Never Is Now! On Thursday, March 11, SPACE made a play for our recent "Best Hip Hop Venue" nomination with a sold out night featuring 4 excellent artists. A late addition to the bill, F. Stokes started things hard with a short set that quickly won over the growing crowd. Astronautalis (Portland really seems to love him, rightfully so) was up second and put all the energy of a headlining... MORE
3.15.2010 By Bryan
Once again, Leif Sherman Curtis brought together 26 musicians to form 6 new bands over a 48 hour period. What were the results? Another epic show full of surprises, new music, and a lot of fun. Meet Clöven Dözer (Kat Hulit-fronted spookiness in all its glory), Roy G Biv (my pick for best new band of the project - a bit like Dilly Dilly if she listened to a lot of Blonde Redhead), Jefferson... MORE