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3.15.2010 By Bryan
On Wednesday, March 10, Slow Food Portland planned their Writers Night to coincide with Maine Restaurant Week. The theme was "Apples, Mushrooms, Moonshine and the influence of food on a local economy." Food for the event was provided by Lee Farrington of Figa Restaurant. Guest writers included Greg Marley, John Bunker, Max Watman, and Ben Hewitt. Photos of the food and writers by Dennis Stein.
2.10.2010 By Bryan
On February 6, the Maine Academy of Modern Music brought their annual Girls Rock! show featuring young talent from their Rock Camps to SPACE. This bill included Marie Moreshead, Totem, Darien Brahms, Oxymorons, and Arcane Lore. Photos by Dennis Stein.
2.10.2010 By Bryan
At SPACE we love big events, especially the kind that get a large group of local musicians together to experiment with sounds. In this case, we gathered about 20 drummers to perform an hour-plus (mostly) improvised drum concert. This First Friday afterparty was sponsored by The Drum Shop. Photos by Dennis Stein and Jacob Folsom!