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1.28.2009 By Bryan
What better to do on this snowy Wednesday than look back at the incredible Dead Of Winter show we had on Saturday (January 24, 2005)? Josh Loring hosted an assortment of Portland's best musical talent as they each played a few songs. Jon Donnell snapped some incredible images of the performers. I highly recommend hitting that little full-screen button on the bottom right and viewing them in all... MORE
1.23.2009 By Bryan
This is the last installment (barring any last minute emails from the remaining artists scheduled to perform tomorrow) in our Dead Of Winter '09 interview series. It's no wonder that they're called Hometown Heroes: Something that stood out in doing these is how much support and collaboration there is in the Portland music scene - and I'm sure that with all of these talented artists involved, we'... MORE
1.23.2009 By Bryan
Aleric (Vince Nez) seems to be a bit of an enigma, despite being so active in the Portland scene. A friendly person and mega-talented musician who is one of those uniquely versatile players that can sit in with and build off of just about anybody's music, he gave some of the most expressive and in-depth responses to our 7 questions. Do not miss him tomorrow at the Dead Of Winter show at SPACE!... MORE