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2.4.2011 By Bryan
On January 28 we closed out an excellent 5-year run of our Dead Of Winter annual concert, as conceived by Ian Paige and Joshua loring, with the Death Of Dead Of Winter. This local star-studded night featured musical performances from Tyler Jackson (Foam Castles), Samuel James, Aleric Nez, Kelly Nesbitt, Jay Lobley (Metal Feathers), Sean Morin, Leif Sherman-Curtis (AOK Suicide Forest), JD Walker... MORE
2.24.2010 By Bryan
On Saturday, February 13, we had our 4th Annual Dead Of Winter show. This experiment involves taking songwriters out of their element (bands) and seeing what they do on their own or with new collaborators. This year's performers were José Ayerve (Spouse), Eric Schwan (Orchards), Randy Illian (Tin Ceilings), Jeremy Alexander (An Evening With), Aly Spaltro (Lady Lamb the Beekeeper), Jacob Augustine... MORE
1.30.2010 By kris johnsen
This month's posters are for Dead of Winter and Stand With Haiti. Dead of Winter is a 3 color screen print designed and printed by Kris Johnsen. Stand With Haiti was designed by Sean Wilkinson and is a 2 color screen print, also printed by Kris Johnsen. Here's some process shots of the Dean of Winter poster being created.