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2.24.2010 By Bryan
In an effort to support Partners In Health's efforts in Haiti, SPACE Gallery held a fundraising event on Friday, February 12. For this unique event, we had two of Portland's most notable acts perform classic albums: Darien Brahms did Green Valentine (with some help from friends) and Phantom Buffalo played Shishimumu. Thanks to the bands as well as Rogues Gallery and the Pine Haven Collective for... MORE
1.30.2010 By kris johnsen
This month's posters are for Dead of Winter and Stand With Haiti. Dead of Winter is a 3 color screen print designed and printed by Kris Johnsen. Stand With Haiti was designed by Sean Wilkinson and is a 2 color screen print, also printed by Kris Johnsen. Here's some process shots of the Dean of Winter poster being created.
11.24.2009 By Bryan
We know we throw a pretty mean Halloween party, so we can't blame you if parts of it are a little fuzzy. Now that it's been almost a whole month since the shindig and everybody's on to talking about turkeys and shopping for the holidays (oh hey, Shop-A-Doo is on December 5th!), why not take a look back and see what went down on October 31st? During the day, we had a totally wholesome and honestly... MORE