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12.28.2009 By Bryan
Nick Poulin and Krister Rollins have got a pretty great thing going on with their local music documentary video project, [dog] and [pony] show. They recently celebrated the release of their first season of episodes on DVD with a huge party at SPACE, featuring artists they've done pieces on, including some first-time collaborations. Jacob Augustine headlined the show that also included Marie... MORE
1.20.2009 By Bryan
On Saturday, January 17, Larkin Grimm and Beat Circus played at SPACE. Chriss Sutherland, who performed on Larkin's new album, Parplar, with Fire On Fire, opened the show. Read on for lots more photos... Chriss Sutherland Larkin Grimm ... with Jordan Voelker of Beat Circus and John Houx Beat Circus Chriss Sutherland and Larkin Grimm
8.29.2008 By Ian
Chris Darling has a habit of inviting some of our favorite performers to play on his radio show, Us Folk, on WMPG 90.9fm. In anticipation of the Peapod Recordings Festival at SPACE on Saturday August 30th, he's posted a live track of Chriss Sutherland's "Grumblin'" on his blog. Here!