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4.30.2010 By Bryan
In celebration of Food + Farm month here at SPACE, we created some special posters upcoming for rock shows using food. All posters by Kris Johnsen and Bryan Bruchman. Read on to check them out, and come out to the shows! It's an exciting month all around at SPACE, see for yourself! Beat Circus - Saturday, May 1 [buy tickets] The Blow - Thursday, May 6 (this one was sort of the inspiration for... MORE
3.15.2010 By Bryan
Every Never Is Now! On Thursday, March 11, SPACE made a play for our recent "Best Hip Hop Venue" nomination with a sold out night featuring 4 excellent artists. A late addition to the bill, F. Stokes started things hard with a short set that quickly won over the growing crowd. Astronautalis (Portland really seems to love him, rightfully so) was up second and put all the energy of a headlining... MORE
2.24.2010 By Bryan
In an effort to support Partners In Health's efforts in Haiti, SPACE Gallery held a fundraising event on Friday, February 12. For this unique event, we had two of Portland's most notable acts perform classic albums: Darien Brahms did Green Valentine (with some help from friends) and Phantom Buffalo played Shishimumu. Thanks to the bands as well as Rogues Gallery and the Pine Haven Collective for... MORE