Posts in 2019

6.17.2019 By director
SPACE is proud to announce the hires of Lia Wilson as Engagement Manager and Geneviève Beaudoin as Communications Coordinator in two new positions for the organization. “These new hires will help sustain the connection between artists and audiences,” said Executive Director Kelsey Halliday Johnson. “Both Lia and Geneviève are significant members of Portland's contemporary... MORE
4.5.2019 By intern
  Brendan Shea’s work takes form through painting and installation. Shea explores themes of familiarity, queerness, materiality, and rhetoric. Shea’s installation “<3 <3 <3” is up in the window of SPACE from now through April 26th. In this interview, Shea talks childhood, socialization, coded imagery and modernist tactics      What was your relationship to making... MORE
3.30.2019 By intern
  Raven Chacon is a composer, performer and installation artist from Fort Defiance, Navajo Nation. As the current Artist-in-Residence here at SPACE, he will be performing this Monday, April 1st in collaboration with two other local artists Sterile Garden and Nadia. In this interview, Raven speaks about community, collaboration, and pushing the boundaries of music.      ... MORE