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12.2.2014 By hannah
On Thursday night The Dance Cartel will take their Brazilian carnival-inspired dance party concert to SPACE. The show brings together video installations, DJ sets and of course lots of dancing. TDC founder Ani Taj talked to us recently about disrupting the dance world and bad dancing with Yoko Ono.  What were some of the inspirations for The Dance Cartel... MORE
10.31.2014 By hannah
As one of three interns this fall, I'm not around SPACE enough to hear about everyone's cultural obsessions (besides, every once in a while we talk about things besides art...). So I emailed around some probing questions. Here are their answers. Agree, shrug, and hopefully find something new to get into for the snowed-in days to come. What's the first art/music/book... MORE
10.24.2014 By adam
  In a just over a week Portland will bid farewell to David Meiklejohn.  David's has been consistently creating and facilitating art & culture (not to mention providing an endless wellspring of old fashioned love) for over a decade.  In addition to his own film projects (including a handful in collaboration with SPACE) David has been the nucleus of the... MORE