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5.18.2013 By adam
While there is a kind of soundtrack to every season, summer seems to be the one that we make the most time to experience live music.  Whether it be a festival in the desert, a rock show on a rooftop, or passing a guitar around a campfire, summer brings a cohesive soundtrack with more memories and possibilities than any other time throughout the year.  Here are a few... MORE
5.8.2013 By adam
On Saturday May 18th, SPACE will be hosting an embroidery workshop with instructor Dee Clements.  Dee is the founder of Herron Clothier, a small weaving company that creates hand woven heirloom garments and accessories that revive traditions of hand sewing and weaving.  After participants begin by using an embroidery hoop, needle and thread to make a stitch sampler... MORE
4.30.2013 By jenny
Our Associate Director, Jenny, had a chance to ask Sophia Narrett some questions about her work before her exhibit I Was Dreaming This opens in the annex.          Your background is in painting, correct? Have you always embroidered? What kind of correlation do you see between your use of the two mediums? Yes, I used to work almost entirely in oil paint... MORE