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6.15.2013 By adam
SPACE has been alive for almost 11 years because our community has remained engaged, curious and willing to support things that frankly, sound kinda weird.  If SPACE is going to keep growing for another 11 years (and beyond!) we need your input. Please fill out this survey so we can better understand our audience. Plus, you will enter to win a 3 month all access pass to SPACE,... MORE
6.6.2013 By nat
We talked recently with Sean Mewshaw, director of Gruesome Playground Injuries.  Alex Quijano and Mary-Bonner Baker in Gruesome Playground Injuries   You directed two other plays at SPACE in the last four years: Stephen Karam’s Speech and Debate and Tracy Letts’ Killer Joe. What do these plays say about your interest in contemporary theater? It interests me to investigate who... MORE
6.3.2013 By adam
For two weeks the crew of Gruesome Playground Injuries have been transforming the gallery into a projection filled, gauze strewn, and spring loaded immersive set.  Gruesome Playground Injuries was created by Pulitzer Prize nominated playwright Rajiv Joseph and is being directed by Killer Joe (2011) director Sean ... MORE