Posts in December 2013

12.23.2013 By anne
  We are thrilled that Meklit Hadero, multi-talented California-based queen of soul, will be here at SPACE on January 16. Meklit was kind enough to tell us about starting out as a musician, living in San Francisco, and writing songs about space aliens. (!!!)  Read all about it below, and MAKE SURE you come out and hear Meklit's amazing voice this January.   I’... MORE
12.19.2013 By anne
I know what you're thinking: "Christmas is less than a week away and I still haven't gotten a good present for my ex-step-uncle's second cousin's first wife, and she's so difficult to buy gifts for." Am I right? Don't worry, SPACE to the rescue! Memberships are a unique way to give someone you care about a chance to get involved with the local arts community through SPACE. Gift... MORE