Posts in November 2013

11.21.2013 By anne
IIIX9MEOW: An INTERVIEW WITH BRENT BIRNBAUM If you've been in the SPACE annex recently, you may have noticed the stripes on the wall. Those are there thanks to Brent Birnbaum, the New York-based artist whose installation, IIIX9MEOW, is the colorful outcome of his collaboration with nine Maine artists. We asked Brent a few questions about his personal history as an artist, his creative vision,... MORE
11.19.2013 By anne
Waterfront Visions 2050 is currently on view in our main gallery through December 21. This exhibition, organized by Portland Society of Architecture, addresses the adaptation imposed by sea-level rise on the Portland waterfront and offers design solutions for its future development. We had a few words with participating architect ALAN KUNIHOLM about the show.  SPACE: Can... MORE
11.19.2013 By jenny
SPACE's storefront window is situated in the heart of the Arts District on busy Congress St, with hundreds of people passing by everyday. It is a unique exhibition space that allows the artist the freedom to work three dimensionally and to experiement with installation. Often the window is curated separately from our main gallery and our annex gallery, and it is of the first things people see... MORE