Posts in January 2013

1.10.2013 By adam
Michael Kolster's itiswhatitis opens in our Annex space this Friday.  Michael creates ambrotypes, a wet plate photography process that was widely used in the mid 19th century.  Ambrotypes were much cheaper to produce than daguerrotypes (the popular photography process of the day), which enabled families from more modest backgrounds to sit for portraits.  Ambrotypes were only popular from around... MORE
1.7.2013 By nat
American healthcare has emerged in recent years as a hot-button issue, generating vigorous debates over a system that many agree to be at best, fairly inefficient and at worse, in need of serious overhaul. In fulfilling the “Ideas” element of SPACE Gallery’s “Arts, Artists, Ideas” directive we present our Health/Care Film Series in January and February. Three films, paired with discussions,... MORE