Posts in January 2013

1.22.2013 By nathansalsburg
A couple of weeks ago I responded to a Craigslist post from Lyman, Me., where several hundred 78s were stuffed into a plastic shed. They were obviously moldy and damp, and I didn't expect much. It's hard enough to find great old records in the South (where the hillbilly and "race"* records I care the most for were predominantly sold), and despite there once having been a furniture store on... MORE
1.16.2013 By nathansalsburg
The term "pre-war country music" casts a wide net, taking in nearly twenty years of musical and geographic diversity. It is generally accepted to have begun in 1923, when recordings of rural Southern music were first marketed directly to Southern consumers, and typically it's generously extended into the early 1940s, when the music — by that time alternately called "hillbilly" or "hill and range... MORE
1.15.2013 By nathansalsburg
Nathan Salsburg is a producer, guitarist, and Curator of the Alan Lomax Archive. He lives between Portland, Me., and Louisville, Ky., and is guest-blogging this week as SPACE's Arts Administrator in Residence.  Needing a spot to set up shop during a month-long visit t0 Portland in March 2012, I was not only offered a desk, an internet connection, and a key by Nat and the SPACE gang, but I was... MORE