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6.13.2012 By adam
[gallery] Tomorrow (May 14th) we will be screening the horror/science fiction/thriller Beyond the Black Rainbow.  The film has been described as a "hazy, visually immersive experience," and "the cinematic equivalent of LSD."  If that's not enough,  the was score composed by Synth hero Jeremy Schmidt (Black Mountain, Sinoia Caves)!
6.1.2012 By marcie
For the month of June, we're opening up the annex to noise performance artist Crank Sturgeon. Before he begins an opus within our gallery, we wanted to peer into his brain. So we sat down to talk collaborations, Victorian synthesizers, and onions as musical instrument. SPACE Gallery: You've been busy lately! Tell us about some of the work you are doing now, and how it might inform your June... MORE
5.24.2012 By jenny
"Eight months as an intern at SPACE Gallery was a fantastic experience. One of the most rewarding and stimulating elements of the internship was having the opportunity to interpret exhibitions and works of art through writing. It was in this arena that I was able to voice my own thoughts, observations, and connections of and within the exhibition. Writing about the works (I hope) also allowed... MORE