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7.10.2012 By jenny
MSHR~OcularYoniAuralLinga from Brenna Murphy on Vimeo. Portland, Oregon based psych experimentalists MSHR come to our annex on the 19th. MSHR (pronounced 'mesher') is the multivalent project of Portland, Oregon artists Brenna Murphy & Birch Cooper. Exploring ecstatic confluences of nature and technology, the duo craft their own instruments - fantastical synthesizers that may resemble... MORE
7.10.2012 By jenny
We are excited to welcome San Diego native and current MFA candidate in the Cranbrook sculpture department, Lindsay Preston Zappas. Lindsay will be installing Sunny Side Up, an expansion of her current work which explores themes of suburban identity, employing techniques of photography and sculpture using materials such as pegboard, rubber chickens, contact paper and yarn. Sunny Side Up runs in... MORE
6.27.2012 By adam
This Friday (29th) SPACE will be hosting Hess Is More. Hess is more is the brainchild of Danish multi-instrumentalist and producer Mikkel Hess.  Hess combines elements of jazz, electronica, Scandinavian folk, soundtrack music and classic pop, and has been compared to Can, Jon Brion, and Kings of Convenience's Erlend Oye.  Mikkel Hess breaks down dance music and uses the parts to re-build his own... MORE