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10.2.2012 By jenny
For the past three weeks, everyday when I come in to work I am giddy with excitement over the amount of growth that happens overnight in our storefront window. As a part of our upcoming harvest event Feastland at Broadturn Farm, we created these hanging myco sculptures that are growing Oyster mushrooms and will become part of the feast next Saturday. Dan Agro of AgroMyco, a mycologist and all... MORE
9.18.2012 By nick
Buxton has a rich, time-tested sound that blends Americana, straight-forward rock and beautifully wrought ballads into one. Catch them this Saturday with Portland's alt-country songsters An Evening With. Video of X5RP8OnaLOM
9.12.2012 By nick
On Friday, we're looking forward to welcoming FOUND Magazine's Davy and Peter Rothbart back to SPACE (ticket available here). Our pal, filmmaker David Meiklejohn, made a documentary about Davy a couple years ago called My Heart Is An Idiot.  Now David's directed a short, zombie-laden trailer for Davy's new book titled, you guessed it, My Heart Is An Idiot. Check it out, bookworms: Video of... MORE