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3.28.2012 By nat
Nathan Salsburg, archivist and producer for the Alan Lomax Archive, has been keeping office hours at SPACE the last couple of weeks for our first arts administrator residency. We've enjoyed having him here while he works on his projects and we work on ours, with bits of cross-interest popping up as we discover our shared interests such as John Jeremiah Sullivan's writing and the music of African... MORE
3.26.2012 By nat
I drove down to New York city a few weeks ago to deliver some artwork we'd shown at SPACE, check out the art fair scene, peek at a few museum shows, and meet up with artists and art space workers. I always have a hard time pulling myself away from the day-to-day activities at SPACE to make these trips, but they're always important and helpful to my thinking about what new things we can do here in... MORE
3.9.2012 By jenny
We are getting really excited about our upcoming Food+Farm series, and we are especially looking forward to welcoming Daniel Klein of The Perennial Plate, who will be giving a talk and showing some highlights from his project which explores 'adventurous and sustainable eating.' Check out this episode of Maine seaweed harvester/poet Larch Hanson. We're hooked! The Perennial Plate Episode 76:... MORE