Posts in October 2012

10.10.2012 By adam
This Friday Mac DeMarco (formerly of Makeout Videotape) will be playing SPACE with Philadelphia's Lantern (check out an interview Lantern did with vice here), and Portland's own Whip Hands.  DeMarco has been described (in a positive way) as a young musician who doesn't know what kind of songs he wants to write yet, but he is talented enough to pull off everything he has tried so far, from... MORE
10.2.2012 By jenny
For the past three weeks, everyday when I come in to work I am giddy with excitement over the amount of growth that happens overnight in our storefront window. As a part of our upcoming harvest event Feastland at Broadturn Farm, we created these hanging myco sculptures that are growing Oyster mushrooms and will become part of the feast next Saturday. Dan Agro of AgroMyco, a mycologist and all... MORE