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3.17.2011 By Bryan
This week I'm in Austin, Texas for the SXSW Music Festival. In between watching bands and eating various sorts of smoked/bbq'ed meat, I'm also looking for art to share here on the SPACE blog. For music posts/photos, see HillyTown. One of my favorite parts of this music festival each year is Flatstock, an exhibit of some of the best concert poster designers and printers. A preliminary trip is... MORE
3.3.2011 By jenny
In the past few months we have hosted some great kids events including a "Make Your Own Polyhedra" class where kids were able to dabble in various media including paper cutting, drawing, painting, printing and they even made 3-D models of polyhedrons. Last weekend we offered a printmaking workshop, directed by Ashley Shoukimas and inspired by the Cannonball Press show, where kids were... MORE
3.3.2011 By sonya
A game of "Finish This Rhyme" with Astronautalis turns into more of a laughing fest when the choices posed by bandmate, Nobs turn obscure and...well, this is the clean version. See you tomorrow for the show.