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4.19.2011 By spaceadmin
SPACE pal Alex Steed wrote about our Food+Farm series over at his blog These Machines Kill Fascists. He also did some farm work with Cultivating Community at Turkey Hill Farm. For the record, we are impressed with Alex's rock picking skills.
4.16.2011 By jenny
MOCA presents the first major survey of graffiti and street art in the U.S. with an exhibition called Art in the Streets. The subject of public/street art vs. graffiti has produced some hot debates here in Portland lately. Together with PACA we will host a Creative Conversations discussion on 4/19 allowing people from both sides of the issue to speak up. HUH magazine has some nice photos from the... MORE
4.13.2011 By spaceadmin
SPACE friend Andy Rosen has new work in the University of New England's newest show Critters, which opened last night. The gallery and grounds are crowded with works from more than a hundred (who could count?) artists, but Rosen's motorcycle-riding rabbit Duster defies space and keeps the nearby drawings, paintings, and sculpture at a safe distance while he careens around the upper floor.