Posts in February 2011

2.4.2011 By Bryan
On January 28 we closed out an excellent 5-year run of our Dead Of Winter annual concert, as conceived by Ian Paige and Joshua loring, with the Death Of Dead Of Winter. This local star-studded night featured musical performances from Tyler Jackson (Foam Castles), Samuel James, Aleric Nez, Kelly Nesbitt, Jay Lobley (Metal Feathers), Sean Morin, Leif Sherman-Curtis (AOK Suicide Forest), JD Walker... MORE
2.4.2011 By spaceadmin
Upstairs from SPACE you'll find a print studio called Pickwick Independent Press, where Portland artist Kyle Bryant works on his woodcut prints. He participated in last year's Block Party, using the steamroller to print large woodcuts on fabric. One of Kyle Bryant's steamroller prints from Block Party The Portland Museum of Art has purchased one of these prints for their collection. Later... MORE
2.3.2011 By Bryan
I guess the third time's the charm. For DJ Jonathan Toubin, his New York Night Train's Soul Clap and Dance-Off really seems to have caught on here in Portland. On January 20, he returned for a third time to party with Portland's most enthusiastic dancers, aided by a panel of local judges ready to get down and dirty to find the best. You can check out photos from the party on Facebook ("like" us... MORE